Thursday, March 24, 2011


"Who needs surgery when you can use micro pore tape?"

yassssssssssss Grace JONES, nd yassssssss Barbie :)
and yassssss@deanmodah last year on his 21st birthday

Below Pixiwoo shows us her drag transformation

and heres TYRA just budding in to talk about her contour .. just for a quick sec

#100factsaboutlife You can learn everything from drag videos.....

Speaking about drag queens.....


Ok so now, everybody is probably going to disagree with me when I say .. that Shangela is unique and talented... I do admit that Ms Laquifa is rough around the edges.. but youve got to give it to a girl with personality and Shangela CAN perform. I know that EVERYBODY and THEIR MOMMMA looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooves Ms. Raja, honey and trust me I understand... but i feel as tho Raja's gonna be one of those snooby bitches... ( Good for him) I Know that the show isnt over but I know know that Raja Wins at the end hes left with Manila Luzon... :inside sorces hunny:


Types of tapes

[edit] Duct tape

The supposed favorite of drag queens everywhere, duct tape has a fairly strong adhesive. Remove with a warm bath and a lot of caution.

[edit] Medical tape

Use 1" or larger. Medical tape adhesives when even slightly wet will not stick.

[edit] Basic instructions

  • Shave the scrotum and surrounding area well with a good razor and good shaving cream or gel. Cheap razors tend to take a lot of time or cannot remove every hair.
  • Lie on your back. Push your testes up into your abdomen with one hand.
  • Wrap the now empty scrotum around the penis and wrap several times with tape of your choice.
  • Tape the penis (now wrapped in several layers of tape) backwards towards the buttocks using a piece of tape or two on each side. This is to keep the penis in the center and pulled back.
  • Add additional tape as necessary to achieve a smooth front and secure existing tape.
  • Get dressed.

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