Sunday, July 22, 2012

Naomi killing it as usual.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011


get into him kiddies.... he has the "IT" factor.

you can find him here:

and you can book him

How to Love/ MODAHTV

You know this new Lil Wayne song "How to Love" got me thinking have I ever been in love? With a boy? Im not sure.. I dont think so. To be honest I've fallen in love with myself. And as vain as that my sound... Why would I put effort an time into someone else u
nless I knew that they were the one.

We spend so much time waiting to be loved, hoping love will find us, searching, yearning for that special love. Feeling empty and lost without it. Wanting someone to give us l
ove and fill us up. Unfortunately, that’s not usually how life works. Loving yourself is mainly having self-respect which is the only dependable way to create love
in your own life to share with others. When you expect love from an external source, and someone or something does not fulfill your void and fantasies, then you will feel worse than before. To be able to be loved, you must love and respect yours
elf as much as you do others. This guide will help.

This is an absolutely beautiful song.

Whose Life is This, Anyway?

Its your life, not your Mothers, your fathers or any of your siblings its ALL YOURS.... its like the most special Gift you everyone gets other than eye sight.. its LIFE ..... If you havent already . Start Loving yourself no matter what you look like, how tall skinny, fat, wide, short you maybe ... your PERFECT. and its up for you to realize this. ONCE YOU START LOVING YOURSELF .. love SURROUNDS your every action. No one else is more important, worthy, or special than you. Just because someone is richer, more famous, or more attractive does not make them more valuable than you are. There is goodness and love in you. Do not tre
at your own physical, emotional, and spiritual health as an afterthought. Make your own well-being a priority. You deserve all the bounty this world has to offer. You are worth it.

Everything in Life Happens for a Reason.

Life is full of peaks and valleys. Even though they are more difficult, you learn more during the valleys or the challenging times. When you are in a valley, you might not see the value of it; but later, when you look back, you will realize that you have learned a great deal. Know that nothing
you experience is an accident. Everything you experience and everyone you meet teaches you something or holds a lesson for you.

A book that I would suggest to everyone is "The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

or you can download it here

Everyone always asks me..." Dean Modah, whats your type of guy" to be quite honest... I have no idea... I kinda feel like since the boys that I've dated previously were
black maybe I should step out of the box... So thats p
robably what I will do.... who ever or when ever Its the person underneath the good looking skin that matters to me... Thats why i kindafeel like I dont really have a type is because.. personality and charisma and uniquness and all that in depth shit is what really matters to me... Especailly if the person can keep my attention and make me smile... NOT EVEN LAUGH just smile.
Love is one of those really touchy subjects that only we can define for ourselves ... I know people who have been in unhappy relationships for years and years.. but they're to afraid to be by themselves... My advice to those that are unsure if they're happy ... If you have to question it... you probably are.


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Thursday, April 21, 2011



"AHHH ahhAHHahh AHH"

Im kinda upset... cause like .wtf gaga .. why would you make an amazing song that were afraid to listen to :( ??.... #controversyThe video for this song is going to be to epic. like way to fucking epic. #WAYTOOFUCKINGEPICThe controversy again be served from the hand of Lady Gaga thanks to her new single, "Judas", in which video, which will premiere during this Holy Week the artist becomes a peculiar Mary Magdalene, which has hurt the sensitivities of religious groups. According to details published today in the U.S..#SICKENING

Im pretty concerned. I love the song and have probably listened to it about 8times now... I hope thats not a bad thing... its a really catchy song.... some sort of illuminati subliminal plot to rule our minds?

"Dont ask dont tell. Every person's sanctuary. Gays in the Military! Gays in the Military!"- Gaga

.. at least she supports the gays :)

Ru one of the Original Club kids back in the day is really sticking around and I LIVE for this QUEEN.... her "mug" as a man tho ......

AMANDA LEPORE"my hair loooks fieererrrce"

QUEEN.... i live.

Ruby Rod from the 5th element.... I wish he was my uncle.

and we loooove James Saint James


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


itsSHANGELA (Shangela)

"@DeanModah What a great site u have! Werq diva! And thx for the shout out. Super sweet! :) Stay in touch!"

Friday, March 25, 2011


"We lookin' for sum juicy booties." - Diz Nikka

I know that this  party is  definitely going to be fun. I will be there, on the  16th  partying hard with the best.... I know  its  in  Queens.... but  sometimes  you have to  go  to a pleasant quiet neighborhood and fuck shit up.