Monday, May 24, 2010


This iconic Grace Jones Comp card.

White guys love her, black guys love her, gay guys love her...and of course. I love her.

Naomi Campbell nd Grace Jones


... A 4 Letter word that seems to be able to take control of us .... whether we love another person or we Love what we do or we just love ourselves.... Personally Ive never been in love.. ( so to all of my ex's ) youre hearing it straight from the HorsesMouth. One thing that I can say that I do love ... is Fashion and modeling .... get ready for some unseen photos.

I was 16, still in H.S, walking down a Soho back street with my Auntie Dickie. This woman was taking photos of people walking down the street, and you know that I gave her a STRUUTTTT. She lol'd and told me to do it 2 more times so of course I did... she said "Thank You" and I was like wait these photos I would love to see them so she took down my email address and about a month later I had my first ever (nontakenbyme) photos. This ladies and gentlemen was the bug that bit me . I literally was hooked. I had found my first PASSION. My first "Love".

Look at that short just starting out mohawk .... woooo that was a long time ago ... and since then I have grown I never thought that I would be meeting the great people and doing the most interesting things that I am doing today the day that I received these photos via email. I feel very destined to do what I want with my life. Whether thats modeling or whether I decide that I want to become a wedding planner tomorrow. Its what I want to do and noones going to stop me. So what I can say from this is, DO WHAT THE FUCK YOU WANT TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE. Its not your parents life, Its not the life of the people that are hating on you, or laughing at you or judging you. & Honestly when your happy and loving what your doing with your life, you go after you GOALS harder and stronger and its manifested faster because its ALL YOU and the energy that your creating. So hopefully Im putting out some goood positive energy and inspiring people to LOVE their passion, because thats the ONLY way that you will be successful.

On another note..... I shot FantasticS Mag yesterday with some of the Other Chase Models... ooooo dont forget ...

Ill see if i can get you guys some #Behindthescenes photos in my next blog update....

muah lovers

Dean Modah

Sunday, May 16, 2010

SO.... 1ST POST Dean Modah

Not sure exactly how to work these blog tools but maybe with time people :) ... so that's me >>>

I don't know whether I should tell you about me or if I should tell you about what I'm trying to do with my blog "Supermodah".

So recently Ive been living a really interesting life, which I love. It's filled with friends and sightings and fashion and Margaritas. I'm not one of those stuck up model types that think that there too good to talk to random people...infact noone's a stranger and that's the moto I live my life by. Treat people how you expect to be treated & Manifest your destiny hunny.

I think that this blog would be an awesome way for friends and new friends to see my world thru my eyes & and just to follow me places... who knows... I might post a pic, I might post a vid, and I'll give my opinion on current topics... hmm I wonder if I can put music on my blog spot? oooo yeah. Im random... its endearing ( I hear ) though... haha Im actually texting with my friend from *Chase Model Management* right now whose letting me listen to his music ... which I must say is very very good. & I said " okkk sooo we need to come up with a track called "Planet Modah" cause thats where I'm from. and he LOL'd @ me..... Thats alright ... in my head
"Planet Modah" is fiya fiya hawt hawt... you will hear it soon.

Also .. I would like to use my blog and photo's to inspire people, thats the point of life .. your sent here for a purpose ... then you die... wtf. Isnt that shady?

So later on today I have to go to a meeting with the rest of Chase Model Management.. because the site .. will be up in 6 days ..WOOHOOO.. Finally. I'll take some photos to get you up on the action but now its late and Im gonna try to figure out the rest of this blog stuff.. so that my blog will be hawt shit... can I curse on here ?