Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween 2010

Mission Complete

"Trickin and Treatin" at the Spook Factory with Terry Lovette and Miyako J. was a success... I was so stressed a few hours before the party.... I didnt even get ready until the party had already started, but at the end of the day ... you just have to "pay it" and let the gurls feel the 4 Loko (which I agree is the DeVil) in their system.... The turn out was excellent and I was "gagging" at the looks. There was "Ms. Thickpiratebooty","Grace Jones","A Bird of Paradise" "Nicki Minaj and Erykah Badu" "The Sluttiest Nun EVER!" "A HOT FRENCH maid", "Pocahontas aka Yaki Fresh", "Alien from Goldie Land" and many more !

So this Halloween I decided to be Cruella DeVil... It took me 1.5 hours to shave the hairy ass twigs I call legs but .. now there smooth .... everyones recommending that I nair but .... I dont know.... That was the first time since Summer 09'... nd plus winters coming... and thats the shade. anywho I really enjoyed being Cruella and Im waiting to see what Ill be next year :).

Here are some photos of me and my friends at "The Spook Factory"

*p.s* The only gurls who thru shade were the ones that werent invited.....and thats the real underlying shade. Lol I dunno some group called F.P.U (or something like that) (no shade jaz.. i still live for you)

Disco Club Kid

Nicki Minaj!

Pocahontas aka "YakiFre$h"

Alien from "GoldieLand".... i live for this beat.

Say hello to the "Nuns" quote un quote

"The Bird of Paradise" .. Terry Lovette (I live for this beautiful mind of her time)


"Ms Thickpiratebooty"

Cruella being ambushed at all angles!!! "Thheeerrees Jhny!"

Grace JONES was there too.... and so was the Joker (i think) maybe batman .... any way I live for a pinstripe suit and some dark eye makeup .... jakeem ;- )

p.s If I missed anyones fierce costume muah I love you your still OVAH and srry ;)

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