Thursday, April 21, 2011


"AHHH ahhAHHahh AHH"

Im kinda upset... cause like .wtf gaga .. why would you make an amazing song that were afraid to listen to :( ??.... #controversyThe video for this song is going to be to epic. like way to fucking epic. #WAYTOOFUCKINGEPICThe controversy again be served from the hand of Lady Gaga thanks to her new single, "Judas", in which video, which will premiere during this Holy Week the artist becomes a peculiar Mary Magdalene, which has hurt the sensitivities of religious groups. According to details published today in the U.S..#SICKENING

Im pretty concerned. I love the song and have probably listened to it about 8times now... I hope thats not a bad thing... its a really catchy song.... some sort of illuminati subliminal plot to rule our minds?

"Dont ask dont tell. Every person's sanctuary. Gays in the Military! Gays in the Military!"- Gaga

.. at least she supports the gays :)

Ru one of the Original Club kids back in the day is really sticking around and I LIVE for this QUEEN.... her "mug" as a man tho ......

AMANDA LEPORE"my hair loooks fieererrrce"

QUEEN.... i live.

Ruby Rod from the 5th element.... I wish he was my uncle.

and we loooove James Saint James


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